Races are the most prominent event type in Driving World for the Racer Level. In a race, players must try to reach the finish first. There are two primary types of track: point-to-point, and circuit.


Races are, in essence, a test of speed. The fastest cars generally win, unless there are a lot of curves and/or chicanes, where accelaration and grip also count for a lot to ensure victory. Sometimes luck helps, especially in cases where occasional traffic is involved and where all cars are equal. Endurance races require just as much performance from the driver (or drivers) as they do from the car.

The Usual WinnersEdit

  • Drivers who know shortcuts and/or other methods of driving more quickly.
  • Drivers with the faster, better maintained cars.
  • Drivers who know the track well.
  • Calmer drivers with better focus.