Below is an incomplete list of confirmed driving Events.


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Races are the standard and most common events found in the game. They may be organised by a player with a Racer Level of at least 5. All players in the race must drive as fast as possible in an attempt to come in first place. A race may be a sprint, a point-to-point race or a circuit race. It may be on-road or off-road (off-road races are also known as rally races or rallies). Races have a law level. If that gauge reaches the negative zone, the race is illegal and the police are allowed to take players from this type of event and into a Police Pursuit.

Police PursuitEdit

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Police Pursuits may only be organised by players with a Cop Level of at least 5. This is an event where any number of cops must pursue any number of racers. Both parties may use any upgrades, but the police may also request air support from Helicopters, dropping things like a barrage of spikes, shells or bullets, or road blocks. A list of supports for the police are listed below:

  • Road Spikes - If they hit a car's tyres, these will puncture them.
  • Bullets - Cause damage to anything they hit.
  • Road Blocks - These block the road.
  • Road Mines - These have an IFF (Identity Friend/Foe) system so that they don't detonate on cops, and detonate on racers.
  • Heavy Ramming Vehicles - Calls in a helicopter that airdrops a HRV. A HRV is an automated juggernaut-class vehicle, and a head-on collision with one is never the best thing in the world.


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Survival is an event type which may only be participated in by higher-level Racers. In this event type, the track is bombarded by different weapons. While racing in the same way as races, players have to evade the bombardments and complete as many laps as possible. Below is a list of bombardments:

  • Shells - These make small explosions that damage whatever they hit.
  • Road Spikes - These puncture a car's tyres.
  • Road Mines - These detonate when driven on by racers.

Bumper Car EventEdit

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