This page lists Cop Abilities. Cop Abilities can only be used during a pursuit.


  • Spike Strip: The vehicle deploys a Spike Strip, which can puncture one full set of tires before wearing out. It does not expire until the pursuit is over or picked up by a special vehicle.
  • EMP: The vehicle deploys an EMP which temporarily disables driving systems of hostiles. It does not affect civilians, though it will affect illegal drivers which are not being chased.


  • Road Block: Several vehicles and signs form a Road Block nearby.
  • Tomahawk: A BGM-109 Tomahawk missile is launched, locking on to a designated hostile. It cannot be used in urban areas, where collateral damage is an issue.
  • Police Helicopter: A helicopter assists cops with a weapon depending on its upgrade level. Helicopters refrain from causing collateral damage.


  • Turbo: Allows the player to use a turbo acceleration ability for about five seconds non-stop.